Online Ordering
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Go to and enter your login and password in the boxes located on the right-hand side of the page (see below).
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Build an Order
To ensure ordering is fast and efficient, MyOfficeProducts offers the following ways to add items to your shopping cart:
Product Showroom
If you don't know the product number and/or want to browse our catalog to find exactly what you're looking for, use this "paper catalog" type of index to search by product category. In addition, you may click on any of the 4 tabs (Office Supplies, Furniture, Technology, Go Green) located at the top of every page to choose a different range of categories.
Turbo Quick Order
If you know the product number(s), this is the quickest and most efficient way to order. Here's how to use it:
1. Click on the "Turbo Quick Order" link on the right-hand side of any page.
2. Enter the item number, then press the "Tab" key. The description, unit, and your price will appear.
3. Enter the desired quantity, then press the "Tab" key.
4. Enter notes for the item, if needed (i.e. For John, put in supply room, etc.), then press the "Tab" key.
Repeat steps 2 - 4 until all items have been entered. Next, click on "Update and View Cart" to go to your shopping cart.
Product Search
Simply enter a full or partial product number, UPC code, Manufacturer, and/or keyword(s) in the search box, then click "GO". From your search results, you will have the opportunity to further refine your search by product attributes such as size, color, capacity, etc. Once you find the item you're looking for, click on the icon to add it to your shopping cart.
Company List
A Company List is designated by your company which contains the most popular "contract" items that have been reviewed by your organization. Your company Administrator may set up multiple Company Lists and select the items to be included in each list. The Administrator can make a Company List available to a user or group of users that they choose. Items can be added to your shopping cart directly from a Company List.
Shopping List
Shopping List is similar to Company List, however, this gives you the ability to build and control your own personal list. As you shop our online catalog, you will come across items that you order on a regular basis. These or any other items can be saved to your personal Shopping List. Once you have created a personal list, you can access these items with a single click and add them to your cart. If needed, our site allows you to create more than one Shopping List.
With this feature, you can reorder items from a previous order quickly and easily. To do this, locate your previous order by clicking the "Orders" link on the right-hand side of any page, then click "Shipped Orders". Click on the order number you wish to duplicate, then click "Use as Template". You can create a new order by adding items to your cart directly from this template.
Select Ship To
After adding items to your shopping cart, you will need to choose the appropriate "Ship To" (shipping address). To do this, click on the magnifying glass icon located next to the box labeled "Ship To", then select the proper shipping location from the list.
NOTE: If you order for only one shipping location, you do not need to select a ship to. You will already have your shipping location set up as a default. This only applies if you order for more than one location.
Check Out
After selecting the Ship To (if required), you may also choose to name your shopping cart by entering it in the box labeled "Cart Reference". This will allow you to easily search through your orders in the future.
Now that you have verified product numbers and order quantities, you are ready to check out. There are two ways to submit your shopping cart:
This takes you to a final confirmation page allowing you to enter a PO number (only if you use PO numbers) and additional order notes. You may also choose to enter credit card information and bypass regular account billing.
While on the "Checkout" page, please verify that your shipping address is correct along with any other information to be included with your order, then click "Confirm".
Express Checkout
If you do not need to enter any of the above information included on the Checkout page, click "Express Checkout" to submit.
Your order is now complete. You will be given an order number beginning with "WO-" and may choose to print a copy of your order by clicking on the "Printer Friendly" link. In addition, you will receive a confirmation email which will include your order information.
Did you know?
  • No matter where you are on our site, you will always know the number and value of the items in your shopping cart. The total number of lines and the dollar value of the items you have placed in your shopping cart are shown in the upper left-hand side of every page.
  • You can check our inventory to verify that an item is available for next-day shipment. While in your shopping cart, simply click on the icon labled "STK check" and enter your zip code.
Click here for a full-text version of our return policy.